Silver and Gold Explosion Spheres

Explosion Spheres

I have been experimenting with the combination of liquid glass and metal for years. This is a challenge because metal has a much greater expansion than glass. In other words: a combination of metal and liquid glass will break when cooling down. Lots of experiments together with the glass masters resulted in knowledge, insight and solutions.

Blowing liquid glass through a thin metal net results in a spectacular effect: a ‘frozen explosion’. This is the process used for the creation of the Explosion Spheres. The result is a combination of old craftmanship techniques and high-tech materials. The object needs to cool down for a long time, to reduce the tension in the glass. After this the object can be cut and polished. The process is only half controlled, which results in unique pieces every time. 

The Explosion Sphere mirrors its environment. Therefor it fits in every interior design as a chameleon on the wall or on a table. 

The newest design is Explosion Spheres with LED light.

Explosion Spheres with LED light behind!
Explosion Spheres come in all kinds of colours!
The Silver Explosion Sphere mirrors its environment