Playing with Mirrors

"This summer Escher in The Palace is taking a look in M.C. Escher's mirror. Escher's world is a looking-glass world, a game of repetition and reflection, seeing and wonder. Escher's fascination with reflection still exists in today's art world. One fine example are the reflective spheres by Arnout Visser (b. 1962), whose glass objects are on display throughout the museum, among Escher's work. Visser's designs helped drive the early success of Droog Design, and his glass art always features unusual forms.

His Explosion Spheres are mirror balls on steroids: explosions of reflections, made by blowing liquid glass through a thin metal mesh to create a 'frozen explosion'. It is difficult to control these explosions, so each one is unique, and reflects the viewer differently. An example of great technical skill that results in a mini-world full of dozens of different reflections."