Stool at Masterly, The Dutch in Milano

Basket Stool

These glass Basket Stools are made with the lost-basket-method, invented by Arnout Visser. A basket of withies is made, this are the strong and flexible willow stems. This withy-basket is soaked in water for a long time. Then a large bubble of liquid glass is blown. When this hot glass is blown into the withy-basket, the basket will burn, but not before it leaves a mark of its woven motive in the glass. Out of the fire and smoke from the burning basket, the glass design arises, like a Phoenix. After a careful process of sawing, cutting, polishing and silvering on the inside, the design is finished. Every glass Basket Stool is unique and exclusive in its definition. 

Golden Basket Stool next to a Golden Mushroom, at Masterly The Hague, 2019.

Please, have a seat...

Glass is know for its vulnerability. However, these glass stools are steady enough to sit on them, making them a proper stool. 

Suited for Seating!
Top view

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