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Basket Stool

These glass Basket Stools are made with the lost-basket-method, invented by Arnout Visser. A basket of withies is made, this are the strong and flexible willow stems. This withy-basket is soaked in water for a long time. Then a large bubble of liquid glass is blown. When this hot glass is blown into the withy-basket, the basket will burn, but not before it leaves a mark of its woven motive in the glass. Out of the fire and smoke from the burning basket, the glass design arises, like a Phoenix. After a careful process of sawing, cutting, polishing and silvering on the inside, the design is finished. Every glass Basket Stool is unique and exclusive in its definition. 

Please, have a seat...

Glass is know for its vulnerability. However, these glass stools are steady enough to sit on them, making them a proper stool. 

Suited for Seating!
Top view

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